QMCLOUD (SasS) - i am excited to announce the laun...
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QMCLOUD (SasS) - i am excited to announce the launch of QMCLOUD SaaS. Its built using Pulumi Automation API. Its a No Code cloud infrastructure deployment platform that makes it easy to deploy or develop reusable infra blueprints - Think of reusable landing zone, app and EKS/AKS blueprints that app developers can use. A satck cam be built using drag/drop and smart wizard capabilities without having to write low level infra code (Terraform, CloudFormation etc.) and the platform generates the TS code if required. Caveat - In its current version, its a bit lacking on very advanced IAC capabilities. On the roadmap we have IDE integration, Price Estimation, Security and Cost Policies using No Code technologies, Scan and Import existing infra. Its available for individual users / developers for Free! You can get started today at https://app.qmcloud.io Feel free to drop your feedback (both good and not so good) here or share with info@qmcloud.io Check this message from our CEO Prakash Patil. https://lnkd.in/e_aGH5CN You can learn more at https://www.qmcloud.io/ (edited)