Hello Folks Quick question, Are there better confi...
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Hello Folks Quick question, Are there better config tools other than, Spring Cloud Config? Real time reflection (without polling) of config values is the requirement
May help if you can share more about your use case - what language / tooling? I assume you're using Spring (Boot)? What about where you're getting the config from?
Yes spring boot and Java there are few python django services as well
We are right now using none. Stored within application as yaml file. @Jamie Tanna
What kind of configs? At a past job I wrote https://github.com/urbanairship/sarlacc-pit, and it was used heavily and successfully for both 500k ID accept lists and 5 item rate limit overrides. It’s not really written for a more structured config object, though it offers List, Set, and Map structures which can have one arbitrary element. I recently rewrote the library in Rust and included explicit support for live-updating config objects.
Are applications deployed to Kubernetes? as far as I know, Dynamic reloading is possible with Kubernetes by using spring cloud kubernetes config stack
Our software applications are hosted on Kubernetes, and we utilize various microservices such as Spring Boot, Fastify, and Go. Due to this diverse setup, utilizing the Spring Config Server directly may not be suitable for our needs. As a solution, we have instructed all application teams to adhere to a specific convention. They are now responsible for maintaining all configuration YAML files within a designated "config" folder in their respective repositories. To streamline the process, we have integrated a node module into our CI/CD pipeline. This module merges all the configuration files located in the config folder, taking into account environment-specific flavors. Subsequently, we mount the resulting config map onto our pods. This enables the application teams to dynamically access and utilize the properties contained within the configuration files.
Cool, thanks @Anshul Garg