Hot JOB for DevOps Engineers with a passion for au...
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Hot JOB for DevOps Engineers with a passion for automation 📌You would be the first DevOps hire and work closely with the backend team 📌Build & automate the infra for a highly visible AI project changing the direction of the org 📌You are a Terraform whiz and eat, sleep, breathe AWS What’s in for you? 🌟100% Remote 💸$160 - $225K (location dependent) + equity 🌎Must be located in the USA To Apply: Send me an email with your resume and the subject line “DevOps Engineer” to
Location Independent or must be in USA?
Read the JD , written there “Must be Located USA” otherwise I was going to apply too 🫠 with 2 years Snr.DevOps Consultant experience on
Nice job offer, but I’ve never understood 100% and must be located on an specific country, sorry
@Javier Juarez I think it has to do with how companies have to pay taxes. I had a conversation with an HR rep about this sometime ago, but unfortunately don't remember the specifics