Calling all European early-stage data and AI found...
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Calling all European early-stage data and AI founders! We are thrilled to be launching NEXUS, a European catalyst for founders building for the data and AI era, that will help fuel the European early-stage AI ecosystem and Europe's AI leadership on the global arena. The program is designed to support pre-seed and seed stage founders through access to capital, workshops, 1:1 office hours and mentorship from founders, operators, and technical leads from companies such as Google Deepmind, MongoDB, GitHub, Meta and Klarna. Participating founders will gain insights and relationships that will enhance their technical development, GTM, organisation and culture, and ability to attract capital. The inaugural cohort this autumn will consist of 7-10 selected founding teams, each receiving up to a €1m upfront investment from J12. We are thrilled and and honoured to have world-class partners like Scott Chacon, Kevin Ryan, Mehdi Ghissassi, Camilla Giesecke, Adam Jafer, Danica Kragic and Andreas Lundmark with us on this journey (stay tuned for more advisor / mentor announcements). Get in touch if you are (or would like to recommend) a: a) founding team with a concept or product leveraging or enabling data b) second-time founder or senior executive looking to build c) domain expert or researcher in data and AI keen to get hands-on Read more and get in touch at: Why we created NEXUS Europe is home to some of the world’s best technical universities, and European talent currently has a huge impact on US tech, as we see with UK-based Google DeepMind, and French researchers advancing Meta’s LLMs. It’s essential, though, that Europe is not only at the forefront of driving research and innovation, but that globally leading companies continue to be born and built here. We believe in the power of creating a specialised AI program that connects founders across different parts of the AI stack - those building the tools and infrastructure that enable model development, and those building the products that apply advanced models in different verticals. We hope that this deep level of connectivity between founders and our world-class group of advisors, will fuel the European early-stage AI ecosystem and help forge Europe’s AI leadership on the global arena.