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Do not miss Today at 9PM CET/2PM CST our webinar " Cultivating a developer-centric culture for continuous improvement" with Debosmit Ray Co-Founder and CEO at DevZero Discover the power of developer experience (DevEx) as a key differentiator in today's technology-driven landscape. In this talk, we will explore the importance of DevEx, its key components, and how to create a developer-centric culture within your organization. We'll also discuss how to measure and optimize DevEx, provide real-world examples of successful implementations, and speculate on its future. During this webinar, you will: • Learn how DevEx can directly influence product success and serve as a competitive advantage in a crowded market. • Discover strategies for fostering culture that values developers and prioritizes their experience, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction. • Gain insights into the metrics and techniques used to assess DevEx, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions. After a 30-minute talk there’ll be a 15-minute Q&A, for which we encourage you to submit questions in advance. https://www.meetup.com/platform-engineers-atx-online/events/293842047/
We are live with @Debo Ray to talk about cultivating a developer-centric culture for continuous improvement: