I am interested in stepping out of my comfort zone...
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I am interested in stepping out of my comfort zone and submitting a proposal for a presentation for BackstageCon (and others). We are over a year into our Platform-as-a-Product journey with Backstage at the center so I feel like an interesting topic could be providing a retrospective on our journey and the path we have taken and how we are taking a product management approach to curating our Platform. This might include some of the following topics: • What is meant by Platform-as-a-Product? • How do we collect and use data for our Platform? • Visualizing user journeys within our Platform • How does a Platform team define and measure success? • Steps/components should be taken for a Platform-as-a-Product approach? What are some other topics within this domain that would peak your interest?
• What were the criterias to select a Platform tool ? • What were the options ? • Why Backstage ? • Why NOT Backstage ? • How has the culture changed due to a Product/Platform approach • How have the people changed ? The topics you mentioned re the default one every single presentation ive seen in the last 2 years. Im looking for something extra, or unique angles that talk about the People more than the tool or the theory.