Hi folks! So my team is responsible for building t...
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Hi folks! So my team is responsible for building the k8s-powered Internal Developer Platform used by the product engineers inside the company and it comprises of suites of tools contributed by the other various teams inside the infrastructure engineering department ranging from observability (logging, monitoring, alerting, etc.), application configuration, service mesh and networking, cost attribution and management, CI/CD, and so on. These various tools, even though needed, makes that there is a curve and knowledge that the product engineers need to learn, and sometimes it's not easy for them to do so in addition to the daily responsibility that they already have on building their own products. I am currently looking for resources and experiences from people to onboard and enable the engineers to learn and familiarize themselves with the IDP that we have built. We were thinking of doing some kind of hybrid (offline & online) bootcamp sessions for people to go through what the IDP has to offer and its suites of tools and capabilities. The only resource that I came across so far is @Javier Tureganoā€™s blogpost on his experience on Slack infrastructure team where he was building self-paced training and video materials and also another article from Javier that he delivered on the recent PlatformCon mentioning the similar bootcamp kind of thing. If anyone has any resources/experiences regarding this e.g. what kind of methods have you tried and was it efficient, what do you think is the material that is needed to be given to the product engineers, etc, would be really glad to know and discuss further! Thank you lots in advance! šŸ™‚
Apologize in advance @Javier Turegano for the mention and the notification, but would like to say thank you and appreciate the articles that you have written! Those are really helpful! šŸ™‚
No worries, it's an important topic and glad that the articles where useful.