Hello everyone :wave: Quick questions - how many o...
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Hello everyone 👋 Quick questions - how many of you are day-to-day DevOps Engineers and want to transition to Platform Engineering? How many of you know how to build their own CLI tools? What prevents you from learning to build your own CLI tools? --- I’m asking because from my experience, most people wanting to transition to Platform Engineering from an IT background lack of knowledge to build products. Platform Engineering is all about providing the best developer experience. And sometimes, to provide the best experience, it’s helpful to be able to build its own tools. Let’s take a concrete example: you have built a great platform on top of Kubernetes instead of providing a helm chart template to your developers that they have to manually update to deploy their apps. You are probably better to provide a CLI tool that will ask a few questions and will generate the final helm chart, and execute it on the appropriate Kubernetes cluster. (it’s a dumb example but you get the idea of wrapping the complexity and providing a nice interface for your end-user).
Is this research on transitioning from a corp it track to a platform engineering track, or user persona research?
in the former: yes, you need to know how to code.
in the latter: a corp it convert will end up with a tri path of capabilities: coding, supporting, operating for a while since it's dumb to not leverage in place strengths as part of the transition.