I’m super excited to share <this story> of Partoo ...
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I’m super excited to share this story of Partoo who built a reliable and scalable infrastructure with 🥁 🥁 Qovery 😄 They even explain how they embrace Platform Engineering with a new internal project named “Nebula”.
Partoo is developing their own review environment custom workflow leveraging Qovery API (code name: Nebula). The aim is to have the best developer experience by enabling complete flexibility in the creation of bespoke clusters for development and testing.
That cluster would be composed of multiple apps (Front-tend and APIs) from different git repositories. The developers will be able to select individually the git branch from which the different apps would be configured to be auto-deployed. That extremely flexible setup for one-off bespoke review clusters in a multi-service environment needs custom development, but thanks to the ease of use of the Qovery API and the concept of App Blueprints, Partoo thought the challenge was manageable. The end of development on that feature for Nebula is expected to be around October
It’s so exciting 🤗 - enjoy
Thanks for sharing the article :) While reading the article, I had a question at this part:
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Despite making mistakes like updating their Kubernetes cluster before Qovery, which caused production concerns, Qovery's support team remained dedicated and responsive, and this support has become a great strength, fostering trust and confidence for Partoo.
Why was upgrading the K8S version a problem? Was there an upgrade that did not consider the skew? My team also actually upgraded the K8S cluster version a few times, but there were no problems in operation. I would like to refer to your case if possible. Thansk 🙇
Hi @Subin Kim, excellent question - since they use Qovery to spin up and fully manage their Kubernetes clusters, it’s up to Qovery to manage the upgrades. We also have an option where they can manage their Kubernetes clusters upgrades on their own, but they didn’t pick that option. So that’s why it was an issue.
Aha, that's what it was. I got it. Thank you so much for your kind reply! 🙏 I'll take a look at the doc on how Qovery manages Kubernetes clusters :D
Ping me if you have any questions 🙂