Does anyone here use <tfautomv>?
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Does anyone here use tfautomv?
No. Nevertheless, I haven’t use the
block yet. I’ve seen it’s just justified when there’s a need of moving various resources, perhaps? what’s your use-case or the actual question?
I’m looking for beta testers for the incoming release of tfautomv (I’m the creator and maintainer) 🙂 To answer your question:
blocks makes sense when you want to refactor Terraform code that is already in use. If you refactor often then tfautomv saves you lots of time and unlocks a very smooth and productive workflow.
I’m pretty aware about the use case. With your actual question, I got it know. I’d love to try it, surely. I’ve some scars in this “area” so perhaps my experience could do some help. Also, happy to contribute.
Also, I had some crashes with terraform and move blocks in the past (something like 3 or 4 month ago) 😉
I tried tfautomv and it helped me ! @Arthur Busser thanks for writing it 😉
@Alex T. thanks for offering! The work for the next release is on this PR: You’ll have to pull it and build tfautomv locally. To build all you need is Go 1.20. Then run
make build
. The binary will be in
. All usage docs for the new version are on that branche’s README
Let me know how your experience is. The goal here is for tfautomv to save you time. If you have any ideas on how we can move towards that goal, I am all ears 🙂