This week a double bill:exclamation:Do not miss to...
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This week a double billDo not miss today, Aug 3, at 7PM CEST/1 PM EDT our webinar "*SaaS success secrets: Dynamic tenant provisioning in cloud infra & automation*" with @Jaroslav Vojtek, Senior DevOps Engineer at Labyrinth Labs Jaroslav will share his experience designing and implementing a platform blueprint to automate dynamic software and infrastructure provisioning per tenant using Terraform, ArgoCD, and Crossplane. During the webinar, attendees will learn: • Core isolation concepts when building a SaaS • Real-life examples of building SaaS from an existing single-tenant application • How to manage tenants' lifecycles and dynamically provision infrastructure resources After a 30-minute talk there’ll be a 15-minute Q&A, for which we encourage you to submit questions in advance.
duck danceWe are live with @Jaroslav Vojtek to talk about dynamic tenant provisioning in cloud infra & automation: