Hello, I am an organiser of regular Kubernetes mee...
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Hello, I am an organiser of regular Kubernetes meetups in Bratislava capital, Slovakia and Kubernetes Community Days Czech & Slovak πŸ”₯. For our next meetup, we are looking for presenters and storytellers in the area of Application Definition πŸ“ƒ & Image Build 🧱. As organizers we’re looking forward to meeting you 🌟, if you are willing to speak, and attend onsite in Bratislava on Thursday, September, 28-th 2023 about topics around the HELM, Backstage, Buldpacks.io, KubeVela, KubeVirt, Operator Framework, OpenAPI initiative, docker-compose, Paker, Gradle, podman. Would you like to share your experiences or your path of how you understood and dominated this part of CNCF Landscape technology with the community? Please, let me know by DM if you are willing to present, and we will arrange the rest for you. Thank you! πŸ™ Best Regards, Filip