Hello Everyone I would greatly appreciate your ins...
# platform-toolbox
Hello Everyone I would greatly appreciate your insights on the tools you have utilised within your organisation to construct the Internal Developer Platform. Also, your input on how these tools were selected would be invaluable.
Hi @Ipuvi Mishra - I'm co-founder of configure8.io, an internal developer portal. Our portal supports the platform efforts at a number of companies in the programmatic ecosystem. Happy to connect to share more if helpful to you.
Hello @Ipuvi Mishra Following tools can be used to deliver Internal Developer Platform 1. Backstage or Port 2. GitHub 3. Terraform & CDK 4. Lot of Python Scripts 5. AWS 6. AWS Code Suite or GitHub Actions 7. Kubernetes & ArgoCD 8. etc... Additionally, based on the organization needs tools might change to achieve the required outcome. For me following toolsets did worked out in multiple platform implementations..
Thanks guys, checking out these tools