*Platform Engineering Community: The August recap*...
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Platform Engineering Community: The August recap August was a jam-packed month full of huge achievements and new record highs. Here’s a rundown: • Did you check our new platform engineering Platformengineering.org? Do it ASAP because big things are coming! ◦ A new job board is launching soon, with more jobs and new ways of collaborating with the community! Are you interested in getting your job opportunities advertised on top? ◦ A new and re-launched store to buy your favorite platform merch! Or 2? 👀 • The platform engineering community got new video content from our Luca Galante. Check the videos on the Platform Engineering YouTube channel, and discover "*What does it take to become a Platform Engineer?*" or "*The Challenge of Platform Engineering: And How to Blast Through Them."* This content is designed for beginners, but we will soon publish more advanced topics! • Our community newsletter,🥐 Platform Weekly, is growing fast, with over 13k subscribers. Read our most recent issue and subscribe: ◦ Should you build or buy your Internal Developer Platform? And here’s a recap of some of our latest webinars: • So long Hadoop - moving data platforms to Kubernetes How does your DevOps setup stack up against the competition?A recipe for platform features adoption at Mastercard What’s coming up in September? Sep 5, Platform engineering meets service mesh: An SRE love story Sep 14, Database guardrails - a new era for developers and databases Sep 21, How to design your repository structure for successful platforming Sep 28, Amplify Terraform projects with stacks and code generation That’s all for now. We hope you enjoyed this month's recap. See you soon!
If you're on GitHub, this webinar about Platform Engineering with GitHub Actions might be of interest: https://platformengin-b0m7058.slack.com/archives/C02DF3KKNES/p1692719328335679
Here's the direct YouTube link: