Hi All, We are planning to adopt API Gateway for o...
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Hi All, We are planning to adopt API Gateway for our org, preferably open source. We are on K8s, has any body have experience with kong and k8s, what are the challenges? what are the things that should be accounted to tested. Is there any other API Gateway which any body has suggestion for?
We use istio, would not be able to compare it to Kong however as I've never used it 😕 If you have any questions about Istio let me know
Happy to answer questions about Kong.
Had a good experience with Emissary Ingress (can't comment on Kong unfortunately)
An important part of investigating Kong OSS for us was their break between the OSS plugins and the Enterprise plugins: https://docs.konghq.com/hub/. Many of the functionality that's important to us are in the Enterprise only list (OIDC, "* Advanced" Traffic Control + Transformations, Kafka Upstream + Log)
Correct, we have built most of our plugins in house for our usecase.
I used Kong Enterprise at my last job and liked it pretty well. There were actually pretty few things we needed enterprise for (mostly support as a requirement from leadership) and some of the advanced caching features
@Akhil Dad Viktor from Kong here. Ping me if you have any specific questions. Thanks
wrt Kubernetes and Kong - there is a native integration with Kubernetes Ingress and Gateway API called Ingress Controller (it’s oss and works with both Kong OSS and Kong Enterprise). I did a bunch of different videos about this integration. Check it out https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg_AhYkg50vgDeBQJh7K3o0Jk4L58pXJ4