Not sure where to post this, but has anyone here a...
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Not sure where to post this, but has anyone here attended a DevOpsDays event? And in particular, the one in Boston?
Yes (including Boston) they're just conferences with a DevOps focus. Nice folks/organisers at all the ones I've attended so a positive experience each time
Ok cool! I'll be attending my first one as a speaker in Boston October 16/17, with a presentation focused on devsecops/platform engineering, happy to meet some of y'all there 🙂
I've attended DevOps-Days Toronto before. Lots of good lightning talks that even someone with little to know real tech experience could follow. Also, I came home with 5-10 t-shirts and all sorts of other swag 😎
@Marshall Berenbaum Excellent, my yearly clothes shopping shall be complete 😉
One thing I'd say about DevOpsDays is that it's different from other conferences in being more "by Practitioners for Practitioners".
Attended the one in Cape Town a few years ago, agree with the sentiments above
Have attended Denver Colorado's DevOpsDays multiple times. Agree with above. Was nice to attend breakout sessions about things you care about and skip some others you may not care about, but that can be a catch 22 when you want to attend more than one. 😛 Good luck on your speech!