Does anyone have any recommended reading they’d ha...
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Does anyone have any recommended reading they’d have for a senior engineer transitioning into product management/tech leading, especially with regard to setting a roadmap for a newly creating DevEx team? I’ve got a big list from googling around already, but would love any suggestions that give extra weight vs just google’s algorithm 😅 Team Context: Our team has shifted from being the company’s devops / SRE / infra team to DevEx over the past ~3-4 quarters, and as we’ve shifted more of our old toil to being self-serviceable we’ve struggled figuring out developer productivity / experience initiatives to prioritize with our newly found time. We just did a proof of concept with DX and will be doing a full roll out, which has certainly helped, but still find ourselves struggling to put together our quarterly plans, much less a long term roadmap. Personal Context: I’ve been pushing our team to be more customer-focused and reading through articles I’ve found through this Slack group, and think I might be interested in pivoting towards product management. I told my manager about this, and we decided on having me help take on product management-esque work with him for our team. We tentatively agreed on a big milestone for this being setting Q4 plans within ~7 weeks, and will be meeting again tomorrow to set up smaller milestones we can look towards along the way. I know there’s a ton to learn within product management, hoping there’s some small subset of concepts I can grasp onto in this short period to avoid making every novice mistake along the way 😛 Slack Conversation
On our side we brought in skills externally (outside the team but inside the company) that could help and mentor. Did lots of reading but the interest was low. Instead that person had short sessions on topics with discussions. It became more tangible for members than just reading. And we are not there yet, but on the way 😉