I would be interested to know if anyone has transi...
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I would be interested to know if anyone has transitioned from vanilla terraform to CDKTF and the impacts they've observed in their platform engineering teams. My team did the transition for one relatively large IaC code base in the last 9 months and whilst we have seen great benefits with respect to configurability and flexibility by being able to leverage a real programming language to synthesize the raw terraform that generates/configures our infra & services, it appears to have added a disconnect between devs and sres in the team with respect to how comfortable sres feel with the code base due to layers of abstraction. I'd be keen to hear other experiences and insights on whether CDKTF or other CDKs are eventually a must in pursuit of an IDP or a trap
I'm interested in following this as well. I still have PTSD from beta Terraform and I've kinda sworn off using their CDK until they prioritize it more and get a 1.0 release.