For those of you using backstage - what is your pr...
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For those of you using backstage - what is your preferred solution for storing/querying/reporting on Dora (and similar) metrics .. something along the lines of would be ideal - however they have been bought and taken of the market by stripe. We can probably push our various build/deploy events/metrics into prometheus and write some kind of plugin in backstage to render .. or push into the backstage database .. but I dont really want to build something bespoke if there is something out there for storing and querying Devops events and rendering reports on this (ideally in backstage) or using in scorecards (again in backstage)
We build a simple system years back that is modeled after fourkeys that is just an API that takes in web hooks from GitLab and JIRA and then does simple aggregations and lookups and spits out time series for Prometheus It has served us surprisingly well for 3+ years
it has also allowed us to use it for some additional helpful metrics that tell us data about our value stream such as • Time to Review • Time to Approval • Success/Failure rate for CI/CD jobs/pipelines • Duration for CI/CD jbos/pipelienes
each of the above can be aggregated on different levels (e..g branch, repo)
Ours is similar to this sans pub sub (we use web hooks) and BigQuery (we use time series/prometheus)
Thanks @Eric Irwin - That was pretty much along the lines of what I thought we would build - but I'm facing bit build vs buy(or FOSS) backlash - so doing some more due diligence. Fantastic info under four keys though - that's probably 80% of the design work right there if we did go down that road (and, like yourself, we'd probably just use webhooks pushing to a Prom DB rather than a pub/sub framework)