Hey all, I work with the Argo founders and are do...
# kubernetes
Hey all, I work with the Argo founders and are doing some research on what cool integrations would people like to see more documentation on. Lately I’ve seen a lot of Argo + Crossplane, so I am leaning towards writing something along these lines, but what else would you all like to see? Simply gathering feedback at this point. As an example, some have suggested Okteto and Argo, or Kyverno and Argo.
+1 for Argo + Crossplane
Argo and vcluster
Argo + terraform + promotion
I don’t see a whole lot of vcluster yet… what are some good use cases for Argo and vcluster @Hugo Pinheiro ? @Srini Terrafor + Argo I see a lot of already, but adding promotions now could be interesting… Are you thinking of using something like rollouts, or maybe the new Kargo project?
Use Argo to deploy vclusters, use vclusters to host Argo control planes ( https://loft.sh/blog/how-codefresh-uses-vcluster-to-provide-hosted-argo-cd/ ) use Argo to deploy apps into vclusters etc, I'm sure there are more use cases 😂