We keep sharing our journey of providing a managed...
# kubernetes
We keep sharing our journey of providing a managed K8s solution in Adevinta. This write-up from Tanat shares how we evolved our offering to use AWS EKS and the challenge of upgrades. A must-read. https://medium.com/adevinta-tech-blog/unpacking-the-complexities-of-kubernetes-upgrades-beyond-the-one-click-update-1f2c4e7f37b0 + https://medium.com/adevinta-tech-blog/unpacking-the-complexities-of-kubernetes-upgrades-beyond-the-one-click-update-part-ii-f08104934882
This was really good, gave me some ideas, doing a in place upgrade is brave lol, we tried that dident go well so we switched to blue green instead ( we only got 4 clusters so easier at this scale I guess )
We also use pluto 😄
🙂 Blue green is also challenging depending on the environment. We didn’t discard it, though. We think it makes sense and we’ll use it for balancing the workload across clusters (we don’t want too small and too big clusters)
Glad you liked it!