Does anyone have any advice about naming/branding ...
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Does anyone have any advice about naming/branding for their internal developer platform? Have any regrets about what you've named yours? Any successful strategies for brainstorming names? Any great names that you want to let the rest of use?
Let the PR through, HAL "I'm sorry Trent, I'm afraid I can't do that"
I've always wanted to solve deployment pipelines (CI/CD) and name it Pneumatic, after those old delivery tubes...
The one I have been involved with tended to be very purpose named IaaS PaaS CaaS
DXP- developer experience and productivity or developer experience portal. One mistake is naming company’s name as prefix caused confusion with actual product /platform.
To expand on my above point and thinking, sometimes as a platform team you’re kind of “justifying your own existence” to the business in a way (usually, not so much overtly, but in a subtle way, yes). I would think not only about the name being cool and interesting to developers etc, but also something that describes the intrinsic value to your leadership team and to the business as a whole, hence my mention about “velocity” rather than “experience”. Just a little 🍕 food for thought as you pick your name !
Fantastic suggestions, thank you so much! Confusion with actual product names and implying value beyond the technical people both make perfect sense!
Not to detract from some of the great suggestions here, but in terms of (code)naming the actual IDP, it's great to stick with something that's company-related. Also depending on the company culture, you can get pretty creative with these. I recall some of the early Backstage demos about 2 years ago when American Airlines and Zalando did some early show-and-tells: their platforms were "Runway" and "Sunrise", respectively, and they themed them accordingly. At OfferZen, where I'm at, we're a pretty quirky team from the top down and we've got a number of Lord of the Rings fans, and internally we're always referring to our marketplace as being "middle-earth" (i.e. EMEA) focussed Many of the dev squads and services have similarly adopted names. (e.g. the home page lives in a repo called "Shire" 😄). Our soon-to-be Backstage implementation is currently running with the theme of "Rivendell: a homely place where all great adventures begin..." Hope some of that helps!