Hey team, I’m a hiring manager with Heroku at Sale...
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Hey team, I’m a hiring manager with Heroku at Salesforce. We have 60+ engineering roles to fill! Ping me your LinkedIn profile if you’re interested in learning more!
Do you have a job spec I can share with a friend? They're not "publicly" looking yet but may be something for them to look at, they're UK based if that's helpful
Checkout Heroku.com’s career section. Many of those jobs represent several roles.
https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnfoxliverpool take a look and let me know if anything relevant. Based in the UK
Hey Folks, I am Sudhish, founder of a SaaS product - HRHouz (https://hrhouz.com). We are building HRTech solutions to transform the way recruiting is done. We are in beta mode with our first product - an AI driven Reference Checks tool. I am currently hiring for Engineering interns/co-ops. Here is our Careers page (https://www.hrhouz.com/careers). If you know anyone in your circle for our 3 Internship positions • _Frontend Engineer_, • _Backend Engineer_ & • _ML Engineer_ please have them apply to careers@hrhouz.com. PS: I would encourage interested Interns to apply even if they meet 70% of the requirements. There is no such thing as a perfect match 🙂.