Anyone here using Kafka/MSK in their platform? We ...
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Anyone here using Kafka/MSK in their platform? We are currently looking for UI tooling for our Kafkas. So far we evaluated Kafka UI & AKHQ. Mostly with SSO and RBAC support, those are not sufficient enough, Any experience with other UI tools or recommendations?
Maybe kowl ?
RedPanda bought them a few months ago, maybe an year.. This is the new version, no idea their license console
Disclaimer: Zohar, CEO of Port. You noted some gaps in the current tools you're using. Could you share what's missing? I'm curious because we've been able to tailor experiences around Kafka with our own platform at In fact, we rely on it internally for similar purposes. For instance, you can establish a Kafka blueprint that allows you to craft a catalog with relevant info on topics, Partitioin, etc, define actions (add topic, delete, etc), and even monitor health metrics and dashboards. Just a thought based on your needs.
@Arthur Hemon
that’s the plan for us too @Moshiko Kasirer 🙂 connect our internal kafka topic/rbac tooling with our prometheus setup
@Arthur Hemon which is why i tagged you 🙂