Hey <@U04480A0K24>. Hope your new position is sta...
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Hey @Isaac Perez. Hope your new position is starting well! We on for this Thursday?
Hi Adam! New job is going very well, and keeping me busy! I can't make organise it this week, I was planning to do it in 3, as I'm also away for two weeks from next week. But.... do you want to organise it? I can give you more rights to the Trello board 😄
Sure. I can organize tomorrow. 👍
Glad to hear that the new job is going well!
That’s awesome, thanks so much! I’ve just made you admin in the board.
@Adam Laughlin @Isaac Perez only me and Adam joined yesterday, lets also have a calendar invite for wider audience?
Didn’t realise it was on this thursday, oops or would have joined. Happy to support in organising in future, also.