Hi All, Greetings from Australia! I am looking aft...
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Hi All, Greetings from Australia! I am looking after the Platform Engineering team in a fintech company and was wondering if there is an active community or events happening here anytime soon, would love to connect.
Hi, I am form the Platform Engineering team of AntGroup(Alipay). It is a famous fintech company in China. We have an open-source platform engineering project named Kusion based on years of cloud-native practice at a massive scale. And we are also looking for friends and partners to build this project together. Feel free to contact me and all feedback is welcomed and appreciated! blob waver
Hi @Ahmed Nassar 👋 welcome here 🙂
Hi Ahmed, welcome to the community. We have quite a few people at this point in Australia #loc-australia check here if someone joined! Locally still nothing happened, but happy to help if something springs up 🙂
Thanks @Romaric Philogène 👋
Thanks @Giulia Guizzardi, I have joined #loc-australia đź‘Ť