Super excited about what we’ve been working on at ...
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Super excited about what we’ve been working on at Oatfin. In addition to the Oatfin Cloud product, today, we’re launching Oatfin Cloud Cost Intelligence in beta, which uses AI to simplify cloud cost management on AWS. We would love any feedback. Some of the challenges we’re addressing: 1. Unpredictable Costs: One of the most significant issues with AWS is the unpredictability of costs. Usage can vary from month to month, and it’s challenging to estimate how much services will cost. 2. Hidden Costs: AWS has hidden costs, such as data transfer fees, storage costs, and charges for additional services or features. These can add up quickly and catch organizations by surprise. 3. Lack of Cost Visibility: Many organizations struggle with a lack of visibility into their AWS spending. Without proper monitoring and reporting tools, it’s challenging to identify cost-saving opportunities. 4. Complex Pricing Models: AWS offers complex pricing models with various pricing tiers, discounts, and options. Understanding these models can be challenging, making it easy to overspend. 5. Lack of Cost Accountability: Without proper cost allocation and accountability mechanisms, different teams or departments within an organization may overspend without realizing it. (edited)