Hello! <Checkly> is looking for a <Senior Develope...
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Hello! Checkly is looking for a Senior Developer Relations Advocate who knows the DevOps, Platform Engineering, SRE space and who has experience in monitoring and observability🕵️ 💸 €85,500 - €95,000 for someone in UK, Germany and similar countries. Check our public pay calculator 🌐 Time zones: GMT-5 to GMT+2 🏡 Fully remote with an async working culture (little to no meetings and flexible working hours!) ⚖️ Full or part time (min 32h/week) 🏆 Other benefits such as 27 days of vacation + your local public holidays, unlimited paid sick leave, 14 weeks of paid parental leave, $1k learning and visiting budget and much more 🔍 Transparent culture -> check out our public employee handbook Apply here or message me if you have any questions!