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😎 OctoML is hiring for a Principal Engineer - Infrastructure - this role reports to me 😎 🌎 Location: Our HQ is based in Seattle, however you can be remote - with a preference for U.S. adjacent timezones. A substantial amount of our staff are fully remote and even folks living in the Seattle area work fully remotely. I personally go into the office about 2-3 times a week. 💰 Compensation: The salary range for this role is $200,000 - $235,000 a year, with about $30k/yr in bonus target plus equity. 🏥 Benefit summary: • We have unlimited PTO, with an expectation of at least 4 weeks a year. • We have two extra weeks of “quiet time” called OctoCalm. • Our benefits are pretty good, especially for an early stage company (and doubly so for healthcare). • Our work-life balance and support of our teammates is one of the most consistent highlights internally, and something we believe very strongly in. • You’ll get a $1,000 to use for your home setup (beyond the normal equipment such as laptop, monitor, keyboard, etc). 🤓 Why you may be interested: We are looking for a Principal Engineer who leads with a strong sense of empathy. Someone who is excited to take on complex cloud architecture projects hands-on to help us deliver our OctoAI Compute Service across multiple cloud providers and in private deployments. OctoML's cloud offering is in part an infrastructure service itself and the OctoML infrastructure team takes an active role in the development of the product along with building the foundational tools, patterns and libraries that internal teams rely on. Since launching our new OctoAI Compute Service in June, we've been able to land 10 contract customers and several self-serve customers in just a few short months. Our future is BRIGHT 😎 ☀️ Our background in ML optimization has put us in an incredibly solid position to deliver reliable flagship open-source models and optimization technology that can't be beat. Also - by joining you can be known as an Octonaut - our all-hands meetings are called "all tentacles" 🙂 And our mascot Ollie the Octopus is a frequently sharing fantastic news about our product progress on Slack 🐙 If you've got questions - feel free to ask in the thread or DM me 📫 Apply here ⬅️