Our <@U02ECFQ4155> wrote this amazing article for ...
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Our @Luca Galante wrote this amazing article for TNS.
However, while platform engineering done right can be a huge boost to your developer productivity and overall engineering velocity, platform engineering done wrong can drag you down into a whole new type of hell. And a surprising number of engineering organizations are mindlessly running full speed down this new staircase to hell. Welcome to the nine steps into platform engineering hell."
Curious to know what you think https://thenewstack.io/9-steps-to-platform-engineering-hell/
I’d say @Luca Galante is right about 7 days too early for Halloween with this content 🔥 🎃 🔥 🎃 🔥
Step 4: You Replace Old Tech with New Stuff for No Reason
this This!!!!
I've lived through an uncomfortable amount of those 😱
Yeah this was a great article. It actually brought me here to this Slack!