Hi all! Have any of your migrated from a monolith ...
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Hi all! Have any of your migrated from a monolith to microservices? I am planning a series of events and soliciting speakers and content authors on this topic. Thanks!!!!
Yep. My teams have done a number of projects in this space.
@Andrew Dennis I would love to know more about your projects and how you approached migration without disrupting clients.
Here's an approach / guardrails, that have worked on the past few projects: 1. Break out only the things that need to get scaled 2. Think evolutionary not revolutionary 3. Define the problem space before coming up with any solutions and get agreement / alignment on the problem ( I can't tell you how many times people will bring solutions to problems that don't exist or because of a shiny ball ) 4. consistent improvement to shorten testing and release time i.e. monthly to weekly to semi-weekly etc.. - this will allow the remaining services in the monolith (or bundle) more aligned with SOA
#2 & 3 is apt here. If an organization rewards shiny new things, people can easily gravitate towards it to create a revolution.