Hello folks ! We have a need to establish a market...
# platform-toolbox
Hello folks ! We have a need to establish a marketplace within the Backstage instance we're currently managing internally. This marketplace will encompass a variety of resources, including GitHub Actions, GitHub Sample Workflows, Application Templates, and more, all of which we have designed exclusively for our organization. The primary goal is to enable members from across the organization to readily utilize the available tools and enhance their productivity. Additionally, we are interested in capturing adoption metrics to evaluate the performance of this plugin. We welcome any ideas, suggestions, and recommendations on how to accomplish this.
I believe all those tools you are talking about would just be software templates within Backstage. To gather metrics you could create some scaffolder steps which store details about what is being used. Feel free to DM me for a more in depth discussion.
Just throwing more thoughts into the mix. The way we’ve achieved capturing adoption metrics was by wrapping the scaffolder steps with opentelemetry. I believe the backstage maintainers are slowly transitioning to incorporating opentelemetry into backstage so this should be a lesser effort process in the future. Our approach above however does not cover session level metrics such as user drop off rate, navigation duration, etc. For those level of metrics, I imagine this can come in handy: https://github.com/backstage/backstage/blob/master/plugins/analytics-module-ga4/README.md
Thank you very much it is helpful