At Qovery, we always look for ways to optimize and...
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At Qovery, we always look for ways to optimize and enhance our users’ experience. We recently tackled a challenge that might seem trivial to some but was crucial for one of our valued customers. 🔍 The Challenge Our customer deploys nearly hundreds of environments daily with Qovery to execute e2e tests. While 9 minutes per deployment might not seem like much, in the rapid development cycle, every minute counts. This deployment time was adding significant overhead before they could even begin their tests. 🛠️ The Solution We identified a bottleneck - the time taken to clone images from the customer’s registry to Qovery’s target registry. For every environment, we ensured a unique container registry to guarantee isolation. While this was great for security, it was time-consuming. To address this, we introduced an option to bypass redundant cloning for individual environments, allowing multiple environments to reuse the same image. The result? A whopping 30% reduction in deployment time! 🌟 The Outcome By shaving off 3 minutes from the average deployment time, we’ve empowered our customer to iterate faster on errors during their e2e tests, significantly boosting their productivity. 📈 I’ve attached a graphic representation of our achievement. As you can see, we’ve managed to reduce the average deployment time from 9 minutes to 6 minutes! So, in conclusion, sometimes the most important optimizations come from tiny changes 😄