Hey friends! My colleague Daniel recently ran int...
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Hey friends! My colleague Daniel recently ran into a use case that required creating integration tests against the OpenTelemetry Demo repo, an event-driven system that uses Kafka. Once the contribution was merged into the code base he decided to share his insights. Why testing event-driven systems? They’re scalable and flexible by design by relying on message brokers like Apache Kafka to manage event distribution. However, notoriously difficult to test. He used OpenTelemetry to collect telemetry data and trace-based testing with Tracetest, which emits events using Kafka to examine how consumers process them. Overall, it explains a use case of testing the behavior and performance of a distributed system running in Kubernetes. I found it incredibly helpful and thought it might be useful to the community here. Thanks! Blog: https://tracetest.io/blog/testing-event-driven-systems-with-opentelemetry Code example: https://github.com/kubeshop/tracetest/tree/main/examples/tracetesting-event-driven-systems