Can someone point me to some reference architectur...
# platform-blueprints
Can someone point me to some reference architectures for IDPs that only use open source tools?
Hey Joshua! You can take Humanitec’s reference architecture and exchange the symbols that you don’t like for others - see Why those, if they’re not fully OSS you ask? Simple - you can grab the whitepaper or view the PlatformCon talks that explain all of the boxes - planes or capabilities - you don’t get that in the tooling landscape. But… for inspiration on what other products make sense in the spots, the landscape is great! Have a look here: If you have any questions - poke me for a virtual coffee together!
Here’s a recent effort on the same by Cloud Native Operational Excellence, which is working on building IDPs based out of OpenSource Tools available in CNCF landscape.
There was just a really great talk at KubeCon introducing what they call the BACK stack (Backstage, ArgoCD, Crossplane, and Kyverno). I’d argue there’s a number of additional tools should should be a part of most IDPs, but those form a great core
Ah yes, I had to fly out early yesterday, so I didn't look at the afternoon schedule. Thanks @Philip Clark for bringing that to my attention :)