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🔃 Transitioning to a Data Product Ecosystem: Leveraging the Evolutionary Architecture: 4D Architectures, Data-Driven Routing, Feature Toggles, and more! 📃 In this piece, we explore on a high level: ➡️ How data-driven routing helps archive legacy features while seamlessly moving to new functions. ➡️ How a 4D architectural view across time gives a concrete understanding of evolutionary transitions. ➡️ How unit tests on a flexible coding paradigm are more effective than absolute 'best practices'. ➡️ How feature toggles help test new features in production without ruining customer experience. ➡️ Conflict resolution between opposing features, fan-out deployment pipelines, and more. 📧 Read the complete article here: https://moderndata101.substack.com/p/transitioning-to-a-data-product-ecosystem