Hi there folks! :wave: I'm looking for a consolid...
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Hi there folks! 👋 I'm looking for a consolidated dashboard to build a catalog with all the sdks (and services/software) that my team is building... In this catalog we want to have pretty much a table with real time status of their builds and checks.... For example, imagine a table like this:
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Item     | build | unit tests | OSS Licenses | security grade  | codecov | vulns
sdk-1    | ✅    | ✅        |  ✅          | B              | ✅ 87% | ✅ (0)
sdk-2    | ❌    | ✅        |  ✅          | A              | ⚠️ 43% | ⚠️ (17)
svc-A    | ✅    | ✅        |  ✅          | B              | ✅ 87% | ✅ (0)
svc-B    | ❌    | ✅        |  ✅          | A              | ⚠️ 43% | ⚠️ (17)
The data exist, but they are all over the place (mostly in Github, Snyk, CodeCov etc)... We don't have this summarized, we need to open each repo in github, and drill down in their actions tab to find these... From research I found a couple of options that require heavy customization... 1. Graphana: consume all the data sources (gh actions, codecov.io, snyk, etc) and aggregate the data in a dashboard 2. Backstage.io: they offer a great catalog, it's an open source tool, but we would need to customize their catalog views to consume these sources a. While at it I stumbled on other IDPs tools such as Cortex, OpsLevel, Port, which offers a concept of Software Catalog and Scorecards which seems to be exactly what I'm looking for (but with way more feature that I dont need, sounds super overkill...) 3. Jenkins: we would have all of our items in the list and look at the weather icon, which would be pretty much an aggregation of all checks a. sounds like a bad experience too... So, I wanted to ask if you recommend me any tool that I missed in my research? Thank you so much in advance! 🙏
@Leo Ribeiro, bit biased as it's an open source tool I help lead, but have you checked out steampipe.io? SQL interface to 135+ cloud services and data sources, along with a dashboard-as-code capability to define visualizations with HCL + SQL. Tons of examples of queries (plugins) and dashboards (mods) are on hub.steampipe.io A popular plugin is GitHub. Jenkins has a plugin. There is a Sentry plugin that may need more codecov coverage. Synk would be a great one the community could partner with you on. Happy to chat if anything above looks interesting.
yeah, was going to recommend cloudquery for this, very similar product
You can also try port - getport.io - you should be un and running really quickly and it shouldn't take long