What are y'all using for scaffolding and automatio...
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What are y'all using for scaffolding and automation? Cookiecutter, yeoman, other? I think I'm looking for something like what port offers with it's day 2 self service but ports' lack of on prem offering seems concerning (I don't understand what data port stores about our internal services). OSS self hosted solutions like backstage would be ideal.
Hey Matt! Indeed we don’t have a full self hosted /air gapped model But I just answered in the community channel and detailed how you have full control of the data you are sending out The exporters you install on prem are open source so you have full control of what and how https://port-community.slack.com/archives/C05AVR8RYMT/p1700390231097159?thread_ts=1699869544.435649&channel=C05AVR8RYMT&message_ts=1700390231.097159
Hope that helps
Today: Users create a request in service now that triggers terraform to get initial repo and access spun up. We use cookie cutter for repo templates after the initial repo creation. The version info for the template is created as part of the apply but we don’t have any projects readily using a template update to real code process today. Future: Currently investigating several options with backstage as the most prominent so far for additional reasons
I am a maintainer of Kratix. We are working with a global bank in an air gapped environment right now to build out self-serve capabilities including automating kubernetes clusters and on prem. Below is the platform con demo including backstage, terraform and Crossplane integrations. Happy to chat if you're open to design partner phase with an OSS solution. https://2023.platformcon.com/talks/zero-to-paved-path-in-15-minutes-how-to-build-your-platform-api-fast
We use temporal workflows and the k8s apis directly and index cloud provider inventory so we can search for best fit compute and also orchestrate and deploy cloud compute resources in tandem. We’ve also reduced many Kubernetes micro services to functional calls that generate apps from minimal information. It takes about 10 mins for us to package a new microservice and deploy hundreds of apps over many cloud envs. We think we’ll be able to get much of these existing steps automated via AI within 1 year. we support any kubernetes powered clusters http://zeus.fyi
At our company, we use cookiecutter for scaffolding but execute them through some custom GitHub Actions we wrote. We wanted to be able to move to backstage or something else if we needed to later on. Its not so helpful for keeping on the latest template/day 2 but for that we have been looking into a tool on top of cookiecutter called Cruft https://github.com/cruft/cruft
really appreciate all the responses here folks; lots for me to investigate over the holiday break.