Hi there! :wave: I'm part of the <Ventech VC> team...
# general
Hi there! 👋 I'm part of the Ventech VC team, currently diving into the world of platform engineering. I'd love to link up with passionate minds from Europe in this space to get a grip on your needs, thoughts on the next-gen tooling, and how we can support innovative solutions. Ventech VC, a global venture capital firm, thrives on early-stage investments, backing pioneers like Believe, Arteris IP, Vestiaire Collective, Ogury, and more, shaping up industries. If you're deeply into platform engineering or have valuable perspectives to share, let's chat! I'm all ears for your insights and experiences. Drop a message here or connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/louis-b-6205b8107/ 🚀