Hey everyone:raised_hands: We're glad to unveil Wa...
# general
Hey everyone🙌 We're glad to unveil Walrus 0.4, an open-source application management platform🚀 In this version, you can experience a brand new application model, simplifying operations and providing a seamless way to manage applications, services, and dependencies across diverse infrastructures. Configure once, run polymorphically – making 'You build it, you run it' a reality. Check it out here(looking forward to your feedback😉😞 https://github.com/seal-io/walrus
I took a look a while back, looks super interesting The only critique I got is it seems to only support terraform for now, when a good chunk of the industry is moving to git ops with Argo and crossplane/cluster API, the other suggestion is maybe you can partner with the kusion/kcl team since the tech seems complimentary
sure the tech behind kusion/kcl is open and free
Thank you for your interest in Walrus. That's a great suggestion! We are also exploring ways to collaborate with a broader range of tools and the ecosystem. @Hugo Pinheiro