easy, just use IDPortal or IDevPortal
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easy, just use IDPortal or IDevPortal
I was talking last week with the VP Sec Product of Datadog, and when I told him IDP he was thinking about Intrusion Detection and Prevention… my friend IDP confusion is real 😅
No surprise there. VP Sec thinks in a different domain than VP Dev - removing ambiguity by simply resorting to
developer platform
or shorter
dev platform
does the trick. Dropping the “internal” in conversations always worked. You can do the same with
developer portal / dev portal
. Speaking of context - in the platform engineering slack,
should normally mean
Internal Developer Platform
, and any other usage should be re-worded to remove ambiguity.
I Like your analysis @Clemens Jütte . dev platform should be good enough to be understood. And it makes sense for the P = Platform