Hi! I am not sure if this is the right channel to ...
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Hi! I am not sure if this is the right channel to post this question, happy to take suggestion where to redirect. In the last few weeks we are trying to analyse our Terraform code base looking for different patterns used across the repositories for implementing the same kind of resources (eg: Lambda, API Gateway) and to try to measure the level of standardization we have across different teams, in order to take it as an input to drive a standardization initiative as part of the platform engineering team. We used Python and some text similarity libraries with interesting results. We also researched on-line but we haven't found much in terms of other people trying to do the same sort of analysis. Does anyone here have experience around that or is aware of other companies / use cases / researches aimed to do the same? Thanks!
My initial reaction is: why not analyze the end result (the infra itself). Or are you less interested in the outcome and more their path to get there?
Yes, more interested in the code standardisation rather than the final infrastructure
I’m not aware of free/open source solutions, but Sourcegraph has capabilities like this https://sourcegraph.com/blog/announcing-code-insights