Anyone else having a "fun"-employment with the cur...
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Anyone else having a "fun"-employment with the current job market?
Me! ‚úč
Find anything to help get more bites? Somehow I'm only getting interviews for positions that I truly think are too advanced for me.
I only have 2 years under my belt as a senior and I can only seem to get staff interviews or interviews for senior positions in other job categories.
blob waver
If you want to pass me your remote staff job links I'll take 'em
But I've probably applied for all of 'em already
Grainger seems to be hiring for a bunch of staff roles.
About to leave funemployment; layoff in Oct, found a contract position that ends EOM Jan; so short and sweet
That sounds idea, @Christopher -- having it end at the end of January keeps the money coming in. This was super awkward for me because we were supposed to sign a construction loan in January, but can't do that if I'm unemployed.