Hey everyone! We wanted to get a picture of the s...
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Hey everyone! We wanted to get a picture of the state of play when it came to Internal Developer Portals, so we surveyed 100 engineering leaders from companies utilizing a microservices architecture in production and asked them about their current setup, thoughts and motivations behind platform engineering and portal usage. Our key findings: • 🏄🏻 Almost 85% of leaders have either started implementing a portal or are planning to do so in the next year • 🔁 44% say the main motivation of implementation was to prevent redundant work • 💻 35% who said they used a ‘portal’ actually use a spreadsheet with microservice data (even though that’s what a portal aims to shift companies away from!🤦‍♂️) • ✔️ One third report using their portal as a main tool to drive engineering quality and compliance (perhaps this is something that could drive upwards as the market matures?) • A staggering 70% of respondents said developers spent 3-4 hours on non-core tasks due to the absence of platform engineering The full State of Internal Developer Portals report is available here: (you don’t need an email to sign up!). We’d love to hear your thoughts on the findings? Surprising/unsurprising? Did we miss any questions? Do the findings align with your own strategy and setup?