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👀 Here are my predictions about Platform Engineering in 2024: 👩‍💻 Developer Experience: enhancing developer experience becomes crucial in 2024. It’s all about enabling devs to create more, faster. It’s all about Platform Engineering right? 💪 🌐 Internal Developer Platforms Gain Traction: These platforms are the future for self-service in tech, meeting modern developers’ needs for autonomy and efficiency. ⚙️ Kubernetes: Growing and Evolving: Its adoption soars, but the focus shifts to making it more user-friendly and enhancing the self-service experience. 💻 Ephemeral Environments on the Rise: They’re becoming essential for growing teams, speeding up development and ensuring higher code quality. Can’t wait to see how we all shape the Platform Engineering movement in 2024 🙂
I'll be covering a lot of those first two points in my talk at devnexus: https://devnexus.com/presentations/building-a-great-developer-experience/
Wow so great
Order is a little off but thanks for shout out @Romaric Philogène 😃