This is my hot take on why I think that the phrase...
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This is my hot take on why I think that the phrase "destroying silos" may have done unintended harm, or at least, an inelegant solution to DevOps problems. This is also what initially attracted me to the field of Platform Engineering. The TLDR of the post is: • DevOps should not be about destroying silos; it should be about transforming them into a self-service bar. • In Kelsey’s words: “Silos are fine, as long as there is an API between them” • Merging various team responsibilities and domains by destroying silos can overwhelm them with cognitive load. • The pinnacle of inter-team interaction is providing an intuitive self-service (API, Library, CLI, UI etc)
Added to my to-read list for later today, thanks for sharing. The "destroy" word might cause fear and uncertainty on these anxious bags of water humans 🙂 I think the social aspects are the most difficult, in my perspective. Anything that can help to communicate better with less friction is welcome.
I agree 100% @Fernando Sanchez Villalba. Great article!
Love it!
"Organizing teams is not about communicating more but communicating less!" ... this is spot on! Very nice read!