Hi folks, do anyone knows where I can find a great...
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Hi folks, do anyone knows where I can find a great course about Platform Engineer?
I just finished recording my “Efficient Platform Manager” course. In short: techniques on recognizing Cognitive Load, designing Platform Services, building a business case and a looot of case studies on mistakes I’ve made playing this role 4 years already for few Internal Developer Platforms. Preorder starts in 2 weeks, release will be at 31.01.2024. Fully online, followed by a lot of supporting materials. If you are interested, write me at course@khalasa.com - and at the release date you are going to receive additional module about how we can address AI tools in the Platform. So far, I haven’t found such a course on the market, and the role of Platform Manager is a tricky one - I’ve created the course so others can learn on my mistakes and right decisions I’ve made :)
... and now we have a pre-order 🙂 --> Course website: https://drogaarchitektait.pl/efficient-platform-manager-global/ --> YouTube video about the course:


Release 31.01.2024