Do we have Platform Managers here...? :slightly_sm...
# general
Do we have Platform Managers here...? 🙂 Because I have just finished with scenarios of my “Efficient Platform Manager” course. Tomorrow is a recording day. In short: techniques on recognising Cognitive Load, designing Platform services, responsibilities and architecture, building an Internal Developer Platform business case, planning SLA and success measures - and a lot of case studies on mistakes I’ve made playing this role 4 years already for few Internal Developer Platforms. It's not another "write Kubernetes operators" course. It's a "bring business value with Internal Developer Portal" one. Preorder starts in 2 weeks. Release will be at 31.01.2024. Fully online, followed by a lot of supporting materials & Platform Managers community. If you are interested, write me at - you will be notified with pre-order date (better price!) and after the purchase you are going to receive additional module.