Hello Platform Community! Have you found yourselve...
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Hello Platform Community! Have you found yourselves needing a more efficient way to establish secure communication channels within your systems, but struggled with the complexity of configs and security concerns? Introducing the Ockam Portals App ā€¢ What It Offers: This application, powered by the Rust language, is designed to streamline the creation of encrypted communication channels, ensuring both high security and developer ease of use. ā€¢ Its Significance: It serves as a practical example of what can be achieved with Ockam for secure, efficient data communication in platform engineering. Benefits Tailored for Platform Engineers: 1. Robust Security: Showcasing how Ockam enhances data security during transit, a key concern in our field. 2. Performance and Security Together: Demonstrates maintaining performance while bolstering security, striking a balance that's crucial in platform engineering. 3. Flexible and Easy Integration: Highlights the adaptability of Ockam in various system architectures, easing the integration process. 4. Designed with Developers in Mind: Focuses on a user-friendly approach, facilitating the building of secure communication solutions. A Practical Example for Your Toolkit The Portals App is an inspiration for the types of solutions you can create using Ockam. It exemplifies how this framework can address specific challenges in secure, efficient data communication within platform engineering. Your Experience Matters to Us! If this sparks your interest, give the Portals App a try in your next project. We're keen to hear your feedback ā€“ how it fits into your workflow, what works well, and where improvements can be made. Your insights are invaluable. šŸ”—https://github.com/build-trust/ockam/blob/develop/examples/app/portals/README.md