Hey friends! I wanted to share a short OpenTelemet...
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Hey friends! I wanted to share a short OpenTelemetry 2023 recap and what’s next in 2024. • Metrics adoption saw a remarkable rise. The team at CloudFoundry adopted OpenTelemetry for their metrics. We’re gearing up for a similar trend in logs for 2024. • Integration of OpenTelemetry in load testing tools like Grafana k6 and Artillery. • API Gateway observability took a leap forward with Tyk’s native OpenTelemetry support. • The OpenTelemetry Collector’s capabilities were increased by the introduction of OTTL, streamlining signal processing. • Using Observability during development has been championed by Honeycomb, with Digma.ai and Tracetest pushing the envelope. • The focus now is enhancing browser instrumentation for more comprehensive end-to-end testing which was a hot topic at KubeCon North America. Here’s the full blog post to read it in detail: https://thenewstack.io/opentelemetry-and-observability-looking-forward/